I’m Not Strange, I Have Autism – Ellen van Gelder

I’m not Strange, I Have Autism: Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (republished as My Life as an Autist). Village: Leersum. 2015. Translation of the Dutch original Ik Ben Niet Vreemd, Ik Heb Autisme by Ellen van Gelder.

In I Am Not Strange, I Have Autism, author Ellen van Gelder gives a clear insight in the life of someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She does this in 26 chapters, arranged from A to Z. Along with her own side of the story, she also includes stories of her ‘fellow autists’, who give their take on life with autism. With these practical insights, I Am Not Strange, I Have Autism is an inspiring book for people with ASD who are looking for more balance in their lives, but also for partners, caregivers, family members, or others who want to learn more about ASD. It provides a clear insight in the being-different of ASD. Ellen’s book is a big hit in Europe.


You’ve Got to Have the Guts – Esther Radstaak

You’ve Got to Have the Guts: Life after Childhood Cancer. Village: Leersum. 2016. Translation of the Dutch original Je Moet Het Durven by Esther Radstaak.

Esther Radstaak-Brookman (1967) was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor at the age of twelve. After two years of serious illness, she healed. Currently, Esther works as a pharmacist’s assistant. When her daugher Marloes reached the age of twelve, every traumatic experience she went through when she was young emerged more vividly than ever. As a last resort, she looked for professional help, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) finally helped her rediscover herself, and find peace with her traumatic experiences of her past. The book can help parents cope with their grief, illustrates a child’s fear for things she does not yet understand, and details the effects of immense trauma later in life. Above all, however, You’ve Got to Have the Guts gives hope and courage drawn from Esther’s ultimate victory.


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